Random Restless


Triple Shots

Three shots per building, except for the last row.  Above, 33 W 46th St., built by Lorenz Weiher in 1916.

Above, the Park Row Building.

Above, the Peninsula Hotel at 5th Ave. & 55th St. (that's snow in the 2nd shot).

Above, at Park Ave. So. & 34th St., was the Vanderbilt Hotel when built in 1913.

And above, downtown l-r: (1) the US Courthouse, Municipal Building and Gehry tower from 111 Centre St., (2) the Manhattan Bridge exit and Confucius Plaza tower from Canal St. near Chrystie St., and (3) Gehry tower past the Chatham Green Houses.


Building Details 3

The final 16 photos from my "details" folder, featuring figures.  Above l-r: (1) 70 W 46th St., (2) the Emmit Building at Madison Ave. & 29th St., (3) lions looking at the Helmsley Build from Park Ave. near 47th St., and (4) some kind of athlete at 289 Madison Ave. near 41st St.

Above l-r: (1) 141 W 38th St., (2) owls at 230 Madison Ave., and (3) 130 E. 65th St.

Above l-r: (1) 49 W 38th St., (2) 110 W 40th St., and (3) 15 W 38th St.

Above l-r: (1) Park Ave. & 41st St., (2) on the Lexington Ave. side of Grand Central, and (3) a wind-maker on the Cunard Building on Bowling Green.

Above l-r: (1) famous faces grace the facade of the National Arts Club on Gramercy Park So., (2) above Madison Ave. near 36th St., and last, a lion chewing a snake, from the Vesey St. overpass to the World Financial Center.


Building Details 2

Another 16 photos of details that caught my eye, featuring the tops of buildings.  Above l-r: (1) The Decker Building on Union Sq. West, (2) the Sherry-Netherland from Central Park, (3) the General Electric Building at Lexington & 51st St., and (4) the Police Building at 240 Centre St.

Above l-r: (1) Above Mendez Boxing at 5th Ave. & 27th St., (2) two-tone stone at 226 W 27th St., and (3) the New Era Building at 495 Broadway in Soho.

Above l-r: (1) The firehouse on Great Jones St., (2) the theatrical Lyceum Theatre at 149 W 45th St., and (3) the corner of the Cocoa Exchange at 82 Beaver St.

Above l-r: (1) Scheffel Hall on 3rd Ave. near 17th St., (2) the St. James Building on Broadway at 26th St., and (3) from Thomas St. west of Broadway.

Above l-r: (1) The Trump Parc from 58th St., (2) looking up from (Occupy Wall Street's) Zuccotti Park, and (3) the roof of the U.S. Courthouse at 40 Centre St.


Building Details 1

15 photos from my long neglected "details" folder.  Above l-r, (1) 23 Park Ave. So., at 35th St., and (2,3) the Interborough Rapid Transit powerhouse on West End Ave. at 58th St.

Above l-r: (1) 29 W 26th St., (2) the Potter Building on Park Row, and (3) the smooth surface of Banca Commerciale Italiana at 1 William St.

Above l-r: (1) The door at Broadway & Boerum St. in E. Wiliamsburg, (2) at 2nd Ave. & 12th St., and (3) Mills House #1 on Bleecker.

Above l-r: (1) On 35th St. just east of 7th Ave., (2) decorative columns on Baruch College's building on E. 22nd St., and (3) warm windows at 141 W 36th St.

Above l-r: (1) Former Constable department store at Broadway & 18th St., (2) empty niches and snow on Park Ave. So. near 31st St., and (3) Hotel George Washington at Lexington Ave. & 23rd St.