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NYC Water Tank Tidal Wave

Pairs, twins and trios.  Above, on 2nd Ave. at 12th St.  Below l-r: (1) near Broadway & 28th St., (2) screened twins at 1st Ave. & 3rd St., (3) 8th Ave. & 47th St., (4) between the Empire State and 11th Ave. in the 30s.

Just below l-r: (1) twin pairs on 40th St. over Bryant Park, (2) Union Square East & 17th St., (3) 8th Ave. & 40th St., (4) 34th St. off 7th Ave.; note nice roof-black shack.

Just above l-r: (1) 29th St. off Broadway, (2) looking south from 6th Ave. & Spring St., (3) 8th Ave. & 40th St., (4) atop the Starrett-Lehigh Building in Chelsea, from 10th Ave. & 31st St.  Below, twins at 8th Ave. & 32nd St.

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