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NYC Rooftop Roundup Royale

Above, a Dumbo rooftop from the Brooklyn Bridge.  Just below l-r: (1) 1st Ave. & 19th St., (2) McGuinness Blvd. in Greenpoint, (3) 2nd Ave. in the 70s.

Just above l-r: (1) 7th Ave. & 18th St., (2) west from Park Ave. So. & 35th St., (3) 57th St. near 11th Ave., (4) east from 11th Ave. above 30th St.

Just above l-r: (1 & 2) above Washington Pl. & Greene St., (3) a Google satellite shot of that (1 & 2) rooftop, (4) University Pl. & 9th St. from Greene St.  Finally below, at Franklin & N 15th Sts. in Greenpoint, a metal middle-finger rooftop.