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More Ugly NYC Buildings

More proof that Ugly never sleeps in this city, and that scale has no moderating effect on it (these are all large buildings).  Above, at 6th Ave. & 25th St., a two-toned brown monster with boxy tan outlines near its base.

I'd like to think that the outlines were a conscious effort on the part of the architect -- that they were intended, through sheer ugliness, to distract the eye from the massive heap above -- but the more I look at ugly buildings the more obvious it becomes that they're conceived (just like humans) in the most thoughtless, optimistic and irresponsible (drunken) state possible.

Above l-r: (1) inspired by bathroom furniture?, at 11th Ave. & 24th St., (2) an enormous tan dirty-plastic toy at 5th Ave. & 40th St., (3) another brown two-toned crime against vision from 9th Ave. & 40th St. (that looks a lot better in the aerial still from The Bourne Ultimatum, right).

Above l-r: (1) a massive insult to fluted columns at 3rd Ave. & 86th St., (2) proof that bolting a bunch of used parts together still gets you Frankenstein, on 49th St. off 10th Ave., (3) a dirty bee of a building that would fit right in across the freeway from an oil refinery, at Park Ave. & 54th St.

And finally, below, several examples of the "brick pile" style favored by budget hotels and developers who'd build with garbage-insulated cardboard panels if they could get away with it.

Above l-r: (1) the Holiday Inn on Nassau St. at Maiden Ln., (2) on 39th St. off 8th Ave., (3) on 29th St. off 6th Ave., (4) on 31st St. off 6th Ave.  Below l-r: (1 & 2) three brick piles from 6th Ave. & 28th St., (3) a "corner pile" at 6th Ave. & 18th St., (4) an orange pile with graffiti accents at 2nd Ave. & 61st St.

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