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More Ugly NYC Buildings

From the bottomless pit of ugly buildings in NYC...  Above left, 320 Park Ave., which predates post-Modern (built 1960) but still manages to mix 'n match a Frankenstein.  Above right, the Residence Inn on 6th Ave. at 39th St.  It insults the sky with an orange tower, and at the sidewalk "preserves" the Millinery Workers Synagogue in its brutal 3-fingered fist, one knuckle over from its orange circus tent entrance.

Above, the world famous Middle Finger of Times Square, at Broadway and 49th St.  I could forgive it if black smoke belched out the smokestack, but no such luck.

Above, the Equitable Building on 7th Ave. at 51st St.  The shiny flesh tones might be okay for Mens Room tiling, but here -- along with the puny arch "head" on top and the shoulder epaulets, above left -- it just makes for another badly dressed monster.  At least its socks -- the blue awnings for the Citibank and Chase branches on the corners, above right -- match.

And finally, above, Frankenstein's hick cousin balancing a beer on his head, at 312 E 30th St.  I am pretty sure this thing, along with the items below left, was the inspiration for Karl Fischer's 20 Bayard, below right.

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